Open Mountains Project Society exists primarily to support the resilience and leadership of youth, young adult, and other vulnerable populations in Revelstoke, British Columbia and to provide barrier-free access to the mountain environment and to the empowering experiences available in those environments.

Our Vision: To enable resilient, compassionate, and empowered self-leadership through access to the natural environment.

Our Mission: Open Mountains Project Society will fulfill this purpose by facilitating delivery of courses, programs, and training for youth that are based in the natural environment and that promote resilience, self-compassion, and empowered self-leadership. This may include classroom-based and field-based delivery in partnership with educational institutions, other non-profits, or for-profit businesses. Field-based deliveries will meet recognized standards for outdoor education, including utilizing certified guides for mountain and backcountry based programming.

About The Board: We are a group of people who love the mountains and the connections that the mountain environment enables. We created Open Mountains Project in the summer of 2016 out of our desires to see a resilient, inclusive mountain-based community grow in Revelstoke. This Project was born on a skin track in Rogers Pass, and is still evolving through conversations on skis, bikes, in canoes, on the rock, or on trail runs, and also the occasional sit down meeting.

IMG_2123Rachel Reimer, M.A. Leadership Studies, PhD Candidate – Executive Director, Open Mountains

Rachel has been a part-time (and now full-time) Revelstokian since 2012. She thrives most while skiing and climbing in the backcountry. Work with refugee and inner city youth and women affected by violence from conflict formed her early work life. Former work assignments include the Institute for Community Peacebuilding (Winnipeg), the United Nations (Lebanon), and Terratribes Expeditions (China). She has worked, studied, or adventured in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. She is a yoga teacher, offers mindfulness meditation, and believes in the resilience and inherent goodness and strength that resides in every person. Adventure in the mountain environment as a tool for personal growth and connection is a key aspect of who she is, and she initiated Open Mountains Project as a way of sharing this with a community she loves.


Jeff Mitchell, IFMGA Mountain Guide, Operations Director, Open Mountains

Jeff has been skiing, climbing, and biking in Revelstoke since 2005. Originally from the East Coast of Canada, he followed his dreams to the mountains and worked hard to build an all-mountain skillset. Jeff understands the value of a supportive mountain community to achieve the highest goals. His role as Operations Director includes lead-guiding the winter backcountry ski and split board touring mentorship program, and the summer alpine and mountaineering programs.

deanne breithack_photo (1)Deanne Breithack, Board member, Assistant Camp Coordinator

Deanne is a mountain biker, split boarder, former wildland fire crew leader, and all-around mountain women who calls Revelstoke home. Her previous work with youth includes developing programming for camps with the town of Banff, and coaching soccer here in Revelstoke.


Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.23.34 PM.png

David Reimer, Treasurer

From early days in the lakes of Muskoka, Ontario, David has built a life that balances big-city business and backwoods roots. Based north of Toronto, Ontario, David (a ‘C’-suite executive, while not in his canoe) supports Open Mountains to live its values without sacrificing financial sustainability.


Adele Lay, Lawyer

Adele is a regular visitor to Revelstoke, and a resident of Victoria, BC, where she combines her love of the mountains with her love of helping people through her law degree. She is a former national competitor in nordic skiing, and brings a dedication and vision to Open Mountains Project that mirrors her commitment to living a full mountain life. She is an avid mountain biker, trail runner, backcountry skier, nordic skier, and all-around mountain athlete.

Kristy Cameron, Paramedic, Mother of 2 ‘Open Mountains’ youth

Kristy is an all-round mountain person, mother, and member of our medical emergency response community in Revelstoke. Her emergency medical expertise help guide our risk management in backcountry adventures. She is also an excellent source of wisdom on how to raise youth in our town! We appreciate her hard work.